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Mr. Ali Asghar Hajibaba, one of reputable businessman in steel making industry, founded pars metal.co in 1963 hopping to make a move toward industrialization of Iran and then in 1969 he established chauffagekar industrial company, manufacturing iron cost boilers. He was appointed to Iran National Board of Directors shortly after the revolution in March 1979, given his entrepreneurial background and interest in the establishment of industries as well as the many skills that he obtained in this field. He has been the founder of foundry and ferro alloys in Iran and has been appointed as Iran permanent figure of industry, mining and trade.

Mr. Hajibba, with the aim of developing the country’s economy and promoting the level of industry, founded Ferrosilice Iran, Iran’s Forming Machine, and Resitan, a producer of industrial resins in 1982 and also, in 2005, launched the development phase in Resitan Company with the aim of developing and producing new and needed products of different industries in the country.

His biography, titled “Cotton to Fire” documentary directed by Bahram Azimpour and Producer Mojtaba Mir Tahmasb, is available at the following link:

company introduction


Resitan Co. has been established in 1981 by the group of founders of PARS METAL Co., CHAUFAGEKAR Co., IRAN FERRO SILICE Co. and many other successful industrial factories.
We have the honor to state that with production more of over 130 types of industrial resins, we have supplied many industrial enterprises such as foundry industry and molding, paint and coating, fiberglass, artificial stone, wood and … .
Resitan Co. with its R&D unit equipped with the latest devices and technology of the day, and with the help of experienced specialties and experts, Resitan has taken a major step towards meeting the needs of various factories and industries in accordance with the latest formulation and standards of the day.
Focusing on quality, increasing customer satisfaction, and respecting consumer rights and national standards in the production of products is one of Resitan’s main insights.

Resitan Factory

Resitan Co. has been producing high quality resins and with continuity in maintaining the quality of its products is one of the first producer units which has been succeeded to receive ISO9001:2015 Certificate of quality management.
Resitan Co., by trusting and cooperating with Iranian experts has been succeeded to fulfill local market requirements and to achieve a considerable share in global market such as Persian Gulf region, Middle East and African countries and has also been awarded as “The Exemplary Resin Exporter in Iran.” for years.
Quality stability, the existence of a wide variety of products, the provision of after-sales services through the proper and continuous support of customers, innovation, development and production of new products are the characteristics of Resitan compared to other resin producing units.


As one of the largest resin manufacturers in Iran, Resitan has been active in its activities for many years and with training specialists and engineers from reputable academic centers, has always been trying to grow and enhance the resin industry, develop and strengthen exports, and improve the economy of Iran. The company has set its mission in the production of high quality products based on the requirements of global standards and using the most up-to-date technology in the world on the basis of satisfying the needs of the country’s industry and continuously improving its product quality management.