Resitan Health Protocol for Coronavirus

Resitan Health Protocol for Coronavirus 800 500

The health of the staff and you, dear customers, is important to us.

In order to protect the health of its customers and staff against the corona virus, Resitan company performs daily tests such as fever measurement, blood oxygen measurement, etc. On the other hand, the Social Distance project, observing a distance of at least 2 meters in closed environments, along with the use of masks and gloves, is one of the requirements of Resitan Company.

Health Protocols:

We are trying to minimize the possibility of the outbreak of corona virus by minimizing staff contact and mechanizing the production process, discharging and loading of resin and fatty acid. We hope that by observing the rules, everyone will overcome this crisis and health will return to our society. Dear customers, you can register your orders through the website or contact the sales department at +9821-71138137.