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Bakelite for Gas Meter 950 635 Shamim Bakhit

Bakelite for Gas Meter

The Use of Bakelite in Manufacturing Gas Meters Introduction Gas meters are one of the most precise devices to measure the volume of fuel gas in buildings and industries. Depending…

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رزین های مقاوم
Resilient Resins 1920 480 Matin Azizi

Resilient Resins

Corrosion and Heat-resistant Resins Introduction Resins are generally categorized into two classes of thermosets and thermoplastics. Polyethylene, polystyrene, and polycarbonate are some of the most common thermoplastic resins. In addition,…

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کاربرد رزینهای فنولیک در صنعت تایرسازی
Phenolic Resins Application in Tire Manufacturing 1024 682 Shamim Bakhit

Phenolic Resins Application in Tire Manufacturing

Introduction Phenolic resins based on alkylated phenol monomers are used in various applications due to their miscibility with rubbers and elastomers. One of these applications is applying these resins in…

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3- بررسی اجمالی رزین های اکریلیک
A brief Review of Acrylic Resins 2500 770 Shamim Bakhit

A brief Review of Acrylic Resins

Introduction of Acrylic Resins Acrylic resin is a polymeric material containing acrylic monomers which are usually esters of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, or their derivatives and can be activated by…

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پلی استر اشباع
Saturated polyester resins 1280 600 Shamim Bakhit

Saturated polyester resins

Introduction Saturated polyester resin is a type of resin with no double or triple bond in its polymeric chain and structure. As saturated and unsaturated polyesters are verbally similar, they…

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پوشش های پودری
Powder Coatings 740 400 Shamim Bakhit

Powder Coatings

Introduction In the early 1950s, powder coating was used for the first time in the US. These powder coatings were made of epoxy resin, pigment, and some other materials which…

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Phenolic Resin in the Brake Pad Industry 1587 1024 Shamim Bakhit

Phenolic Resin in the Brake Pad Industry

Phenolic Resin in the Brake Pad Industry Introduction In general, the history of brake goes back to the time of carts and carriages. In the past, brake pads were made…

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Vinyl Ester Resins for Composites 1587 1024 Shamim Bakhit

Vinyl Ester Resins for Composites

Vinyl Ester Resin Used in Chemical Storage Tanks and FRP-GRP Pipes Introduction Composites are structures mainly made of fibers and resins. Glass and carbon fibers are the common fibers and…

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Amino Resin Introduction (Part 2) 150 150 Shamim Bakhit

Amino Resin Introduction (Part 2)

Amino Resin Introduction (Part 2) Introduction to Amino Resins Amino resins are thermosetting polymers produced from a reaction between aldehyde and a compound containing an amino (NH2) group. Urea-formaldehyde (U/F)…

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